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[Cyborg-22's uke~]
United States
Current Residence: My insanity
Favourite genre of music: All kinds, but ROCK, METAL and INDUSTRIAL most of all
Wallpaper of choice: Vegeta and/or Alan Rickman~ :D
Favourite cartoon character: VEGETA!!!!!!!!!! ;3 Goku, Trunks, Bulma, and Antoine from Sonic satAM
Personal Quote: In an insane world it is the sane man who must appear insane.

I'M BACK!!!!!! (from hell.) (sort of.)

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 14, 2008, 2:58 PM
  • Listening to: NIN-Another version of the Truth
  • Reading: Homework
  • Watching: Homework
  • Playing: Homework
  • Eating: Homework
  • Drinking: Homework

Does anyone remember me? long has it been now since I last logged in? I lost count after 8 weeks. :faint:
Well, it's been forever, and I miss you all so much, believe me. I am sorry, once again for yet another PROLONGED absence from DA. Now, I'm going to tell you why.
First things first:
I've been eaten alive. By School. Literally. I have NEVER EVER EVER
E. V. E. R. had this much school work in my entire life. I never dreamed of having so much work my senior year. It's all my fault though for choosing (out of complete and utter madness) to take an extremely intense EFE art class along with with an extremely intense AP English class. At the moment, on top of these two year long classes, I have French and Sociology-- now, you wouldn't think sociology would be that hard but my Soc. teacher...God knows, I love her, but... SHE ASSIGNS MORE HOMEWORK THAN I HAVE BRAIN CELLS. So,in other words: I have had no time to breathe. At all.
For a long time though, this wasn't even the worst of it. I had only one thought on my mind for months:
A very specific art college, that is. I worked the entire summer and the entire first six or seven weeks of school working CONSTANTLY on my art portfolio. There are a thousand little details to this story, but I'll try to cut to the chase.
October 28th 2008, the art college I'd been DYING to go to came to my school to give portfolio reviews to the advanced art students. My plan was to be reviewed and have the rep. tell me what else I needed in order to get accepted on National Portfolio day (which was November 1st.) So, it was my turn, and I was dead nervous--as you can imagine. Somehow though, and I don't even know how, I was able to numb my nervousness and be myself. So I began showing her my work, as professionally and eloquently as I could possibly manage to. (My work has changed SO MUCH, I draw my own characters constantly now, and the style has become completely my own. I'm having the time of my life.) So I talked her through my work, answered all of her questions to the best of my ability and provided her with as much important insight on my personality and beliefs as I could-- and then suddenly she said to me: "At this point, I don't need to see anymore. I am extremely impressed, and have made my decision. You are exactly the kind of student we want at our school. You are very dedicated, and I can tell that you've been working all your life."
My heart sank into the floor, and then flew a few miles above my head.
I have. I have been working
all my life.
Oh my God.
I could not believe it. She was enthralled with my work, she ACCEPTED me. Early! My review was accepted. I didn't need anything else. I was done. I am done. And, on top of it all, I won a SCHOLARSHIP for my portfolio!! And I learned later, that it was extremely rare to be accepted that early let alone obtain a scholarship. On National Portfolio day, four days later, hundreds of students came with their portfolios with the hope of acceptance. Only 20 some were accepted, and even fewer received scholarships. When I learned this number I was dumbfounded. All my hard work had finally paid off. It was all worth it in the end. And the coolest part is that :iconyoshi23: got accepted too, on the same day!! It has been our dream forever now to go to that school together. And now we can.
It was the most fantastic moment...

I sent in my application about a week ago. Now all that's left is to see the words "YOU'VE BEEN ACCEPTED" in writing. I'm praying that I do---I don't see a reason that I wouldn't be since I received a letter in the mail today confirming my scholarship....but you never know. I guess I'm still just so nervous about the whole thing.

My work has changed so much. I'm still hesitant about uploading my character drawings here though, I know that I had started too...but I've begun to get second thoughts again. I kind of wish I hadn't uploaded that computer drawing of those two original looks awful to me now x3
There was a second computer drawing that I completed over the summer, it still looks relatively okay to me--not fantastic but I may upload that one. I'll have to watermark the hell out of it again of course...which I hate doing. Ah well, We'll see.
Anyway, none of this means my homework is going to go away, however, and after this I probably won't be able to log in again for yet another long duration of time. I'll have to think about what I should and shouldn't upload...if I even have time to upload. I HATE this's ridiculous...believe me, I have a million things to rant about right now, but I'll spare you. I just wanted to tell all of you this good news, and thank all of you SO SO MUCH for being there for me, and supporting my art all this time. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL MY NEW WATCHERS SINCE I'VE BEEN GONE ALSO! It means a lot to me.
This has been an extremely emotional time in my life. I don't think I'm going to have time to chat with anyone again just yet, maybe on Christmas vacation I'll have time. But when the summer comes, I will for sure.

In other news...
I was going to write this journal on Vegeta's birthday (November 9th) but I didn't have time. So, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY VEGETA!!!! :party:
I got my own computer for the first time in my life! She's a 17 inch MacBook pro laptop. I named her Nala
(Alan backwards) ;3
I'm seeing a NIN concert tomorrow, and I saw Kamelot a few weeks ago (THEY WERE BEYOND AMAZING.) Of course that put me behind in my homework, and now the NIN concert will put me even further behind....BUT I HAVE TO GO!
DIE HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!! :fork: gah.
And...ALAN RICKMAN'S NEW MOVIE "NOBEL SON" COMES OUT DECEMBER 5th!!!! I can't wait! I've been waiting FOREVER for that movie. :excited:

Anyway, I don't know if I'll have time to reply, but please let me know how you guys are doing in your comments. I hope life is going well for all of you--I'm so sorry about my lack of presence here, and therefore lack of support and comments and replies. When my homework lets up (IF IT EVER LETS UP) --if I'm not writing my novel or drawing my characters-- I'll be here.

I hope to be back as soon as I can, maybe I'll upload something in the next few weeks. We shall see.
Love you guys,
~v.o.w. :heart:

P.S. What happened to the blankspaceplz?? ----> :iconblankspaceplz: IT'S NOT BLANK ANYMORE!! >.>! xD

:iconcyborg-22:x:iconvegetasotherwife:= :iconhomosex: :giggle:
My friends/artists I admire/support (in random order): They are all amazing people!!! You must must MUST check out their spectacular galleries!!!! :dance:
:iconyoshi23::icondbzbabe::iconvegetapsycho::iconxxmajinvegetaxx::iconvegetalover123::iconzirou::iconstarbearertm::icongenaminna::iconfang-tasma::icondbzfanatics::iconbk-81::iconsandra-delaiglesia::iconbulma-veggie::iconnemico-tenebre::iconspideyscoob28::iconatalanta83::iconspiritvegeta::iconvegeta-jak::iconyunie13::iconweezajin::iconvegeta-always-wins::iconmajinchris87::iconjyasumine::iconqiut::iconauldblue::iconrakime::iconinuyashakagomex::iconanatere::iconanubis-bardyamu::iconbringonthethunder::icondemonofblood::iconzinni::iconamaterasu--omikami::icondevils-courtesan::iconxxchichixx::iconbulmavegeta::iconpixy91::icondpfan26: :iconeggmanrules::iconbomb18::iconbei-li::iconsk8turgurl::iconvegetavixen22::iconpuffysweetangel::iconxdigitalvixenx::iconkashianxanthe::icontristassj4::iconsaiyanpirate::icondeath-ball::iconpho3nixx08::iconprincevegetafan::iconobsessedmind::iconthe-ebony-phoenix::iconrandomchild69::iconmoonsylver::iconpanthra::iconjuugaara::iconicrangirl::iconxxgokuranxx::iconfrauulrike::iconrivella160181: :iconkalenagasaki::iconshizu-178::iconkittykat525::iconmaq3::iconvtptje::icongoldman-karee::iconbonjiro::iconzacsbabe::icongunia-wielka-artystk::iconmisspsyb::iconoverlordofthepies::iconnekoni::iconlupingoddess::iconartvatard::iconhollyberry52::iconcyborg-22::iconmaki-ubermach::icondarkrinoa18::iconkinky-typo::iconyashy20c::iconveggiegirl15::iconkagira::iconveggiegirls222::iconchargal4::iconcupidyamivolta::iconheaventonight04::iconnei-ning::icondragonzmoon::iconvegeta1::iconalwaysbrolly::iconmeksicano::iconkahlannightwing::iconchocho-hime::iconkinga-saiyans::iconbejiita-x-buruma::iconnazi-mutt::icongokuspasm::icon88kay88::iconstophthecomputerwiz::iconkawaii-chocobo::iconmajinpat::iconvegeta-x-3::iconwolfscar::iconnuutti::iconayra-arts::iconterolie::iconshadowflame1639::icondbtyrana::iconvero-chan::iconxomisskittyox::iconsuperfluidmessdreams::iconjenjay123::icontwilights-violinist::iconslaughterchichi::iconssj-princess-bijou::iconvirg::icons10e10c::iconvegeta0520::iconblackangelofwar::iconaxazel::icongeta-girl00::iconxxgogetacatxx::icondaddyslittleprincess::iconone2many-dolls::icondandan1029::icondageneral::iconsonofa-prince::icongege-mun::iconicu2day::iconbaq1302::iconladyikoyumeoftheeast::iconbrolyspasm::iconginqueen::iconkeyumi::iconscorpionfan::iconaeyka::iconjulesie::iconnumb094::iconsaiyajinskye::iconyuukidbz::iconknuske2::iconbrandonsmitchell::iconiammrtea08::icongokuyert::iconmewmewkitty12091::iconvampireking::iconprincevegetaslover::iconpixelgoddess::icongoddessofwar00::iconaxazel::iconqueen-of-saiyans:
And updating constantly!!!
I am sooo sorry if I forgot to put you here when you know you should be, there are a lot of names and it's getting kind of late ^^; just let me know if I forgot you and I'll make sure to fix that right away :nod:
Also, AWESOME clubs that I'm in/want to be in or atleast think I'm in lol!:
:iconchibi-ouji::iconsaiyan-family-club::iconeternal-rivalry::iconsaiyan-chibi-club::icongokuxvegeta::iconprince-and-uke::iconzexy-guys: And of course, updating constantly also! :D :D



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